W e l c o m e ! 

 The story of the Bombós brand arose from memories of the finds of fragments of smoked ceramics from the Great Moravian period, which my husband and I found in the basin of the Morava River at different stages of our lives, and then also when weeding the garden of our shared home in Osvětimany. 

 I mostly perceived the morphology of used vessels from ancient times in various formations as sculptural, compositionally interesting, and their purpose was secondary to me. With the same intention, I started running away from my figurative sculptural projects and ventured into the naturally minimalist shapes of containers with the idea of ​​their compositional connection in space, interior. The creation process is based on manual modeling and subsequent molding, the originality of each piece is also created by colored structuring and coloring during the maturation of the special Romanesque cement, from which the resulting piece is then cast.

 My name is Jana Omelková. I like to copy from the nature around me, I love the imperfectly perfect artistic expression of my children and I share my husband's passion for architecture and design. For me, the word "bombós" means a return to my playful childhood, it represents the joy of small things, it anchors me in the place where I live, which I love and with which this word is so connected for me - in Slovak part of Moravia. 

 My path from crayon to concrete leads through studying at SUPŠ in Uherské Hradiště, then the figurative painting studio, where I had the honor of meeting Jiří Načeradský and M. Gabriel's figurative sculpture studio at FaVU in Brno. During my internships at Milan's Brera Academy, I fell in love with the beauty of Carrara marble, and in Romania, I fell in love with the wildness of the Balkans and nature, which is still my greatest inspiration. I like to respond to challenges related to a specific space, from scenographic projects to interior details. I humbly connect with the links of the past and look for other ways.